Museum Artifacts Museum Artifacts Bunting Hardware Apron 158183783 Planters Peanut Jar Barr's Drug Store Gertrude Barr gave this peanut jar to Mary Sheridan when they were closing the store. Mary worked there and was a good friend of Gertrude's. 158183784 Fossil Display Fossil Display on loan to BAHS 158183785 Bottle Openers Display donated by Wayne Kilpatrick. 158183786 Coal Mine Hat One of many coal miners' artifacts on display. 158183787 Train Ticket Stamper This was donated by the last Depot Master, Lee Springer. It was left by the Railroad company when it closed the depot building in 1973. 158183788 Trophy 1938 This trophy is one from the 1938 Basketball team that won 2nd in state championship. It was on display for many years in M.J. Donna's office on Main Street. 158183789 Wedding Dress 1937 This dress is one that is one of 3 we place on display. 158183790 Tully Monster Fossil This fossil is on loan to BAHS. We'd like to have a Tully Monster Fossil. 178636431