Braidwood Area Historical Society       
                                               & Museum

at The Depot
111 N. Center St., Braidwood, IL 60408

50/50 Raffle - Main Annual Fundraiser

Our main annual fundraiser, critical to our operation of the Braidwood Area Historical Society & Museum, was held on
              Saturday July 6, 2019.
Once again, the weather cooperated for yet another spectacular display of fireworks at the Braidwood Rec Club.  We set up a few tables and canopies near the main beach pavilion where members could easily find us to participate in our 50/50 raffle or stop by for a visit. Several Braidwood Area Historical Society & Museum volunteers were also walking around with raffle tickets, making them accessible to all, and certainly helping us make it even more successful than last year.
At 8:45PM just before the fireworks, President George Kocek gave the tickets a final tumble before young Halayna drew out our winner. Elena Hibler, our Treasurer, was quickly calculating all of the last minute sales to come up with our grand total of $2,002.00 to be split 50-50.
. . . And the winner was . . . Lydia Wilson! She went home with $1,001.00, while we earned the same to help finance our operations for another year. Thank you to all who participated, and to the Braidwood Rec. Club for allowing us this fantastic opportunity and putting on a mighty fine fireworks show.

50/50 Raffle Facebook Event with pictures: